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To get updates on Elliotts Dr Who antics please follow his Facebook page or Twitter and give us some motivation to update his blog more often with all his Doctor Who antics. We also have so many videos and photos we can share with the earliest dating back to when Elliott when he was a mere 18 months old and he waved “bye bye” to the Atraxi (forgive me if that is spelled incorrectly)

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Elliott At MCM Expo London

I just want to say thank you to all the lovely people we met yesterday and who have made lovely comments about Elliott.

It would seem that Elliott is becoming a mini internet star in his own right – so far we have seen him mentioned or seen his picture on Facebook, Tumblr, Bleeding and also on BBC London News and he is of course on the You Tube videos of the Q&A session with Matt Smith and Caroline Skinner asking “Where’s Amy?”

This is just a really quick note, I’m going to write a proper post regarding Elliotts experience yesterday later, but if anyone who is reading this has seen Elliott mentioned or posted anywhere please can you comment and let us know as we are trying to put something together for him so he can see it all when he is old enough to understand. – I have even seen a few “Where’s Amy?” fan art images on Tumblr, which is just wonderful!

Also we were stopped and asked by SO many people if they could take Elliotts picture yesterday and unfortunatly we were able to get very few ourselves, in fact we dont even have any of when he got his things signed by Matt Smith that dont have Matts head down on so PLEASE if anyone sees or has any pictures of Elliott from yesterday please can they also get in touch!

For now I will quickly leave you with a picture of Elliott and his little brother Sam taken at the Expo yesterday and hopefully be able to update with a proper post later on today or tomorrow


The Departure of Amy and Rory

Elliotts thoughts on the departure of Amy and Rory

“Doctor need get Amy and Rory; he need a rocket”

Question: Elliott do you want to go to the toilet? Answer: No there’s an Angel on the toilet — can’t argue with that!

“Why Amy and Rory stuck, Mummy? What they stuck from?”

“Amy go with Dr to find Rory” – Amy leaves – “Doctor and River go find Amy and Rory”

“Amy and Rory not stuck they stuck from Prisoner Zero – Prisoner Zero got hole. Doctor who get out through hole”

“Amy and Rory got a job. They help doctor who fight the Cyberman’s and the Angels and the Daleks and Prisoner Zero.”

“I want fish fingers and custard – it my favorite” – ok that wasnt about Amy and Rory but still made me smile.




Looks Like We Have Another One!

Well here is a turn up for the books! – Yesterday Elliott asked to watch the “Angels” episode of Dr Who – he loves the Angels, which is amazing as they are so terrifying. His little brother Sam was sitting on the sofa tucking into a bowl of Weetabix and as the titles began this was his reaction……I should point out that I obviously had to put them on a second time record it but it was exactly the same.

I swear I have never seen Sam get this excited over anything – I am now starting to wonder if a) there is some Dr Who gene that has been passed from my husband to the boys and b) if the fact that Sam was born the same night that the first episode of the last series of Dr Who was aired was not a coincidence after all.

Elliotts Vist To Leadworth

In October we took the kids away to Devon for a weeks holiday, on the last day I had to return early, with Elliott’s baby brother Sam, for a concert – stupid here didn’t check the dates when I booked the holiday – and so Steve and Elliott stayed the extra day in Devon on their own. The next morning I had a call from Steve at 9am to say that Elliott was confused as to where I was and just wanted to come home to find me so they were heading back a few hours earlier than he had planned.

A few hours later I called Steve expecting to hear that he was soon to arrive home – WRONG – My husband had decided to take a “small” diversion to CARDIFF to take Elliott to the village that was used to film one of Elliott’s favorite Dr Who episode.

At the time Elliott was just about to turn 3 so it all went a bit over his head and “Amy’s house”, which Steve was sure Elliott would recognise, was too far out-of-the-way that day to drive to but the trip did make for a few photos to add to his growing collection.

Of course this trip was purely for Elliott’s benefit – the fact that Steve knew not only the name of the village and how to get there was just good parenting …. yeah right!


Elliotts Doctor

Elliott very quickly latched on to Doctor Who but only the series with Matt Smith, Steve would try to get him to watch other Doctors but he would watch for a few minutes and then wonder off to do his own thing, with Matt Smith he would sit GLUED to the television eagerly watching from beginning to end  – Steve says that previous series of the show had been darker etc I don’t know but what I do know is that my little boy saw something in the show and its characters and he loved it. Now at 3 and a half Elliott seems to have grasped that there is more that 1 doctor and he will occasionally watch a bit of David Tennant, interestingly he refers to Matt as “Doctor” and David Tennant as “Doctor Who” – Im not sure if this distinction is for our benefit or for his but all things considered is actually quite clever.

This is a video recorded when Elliott was only 20 months of age, his reaction is genuine and if I remember correctly was quite understated as he had already seen the show earlier on in the day….you can usually tell how late it is in a day in our house by the trail of destruction left by Elliott’s toys.

It was around this time that Elliott began to say “Dodda” – at the time he probably only had about 15 words that he could say, Amy followed some weeks later and then much later came Mummy!

I feel at this point I should also share another short story due to the fact that on Monday Elliotts baby brother celebrated his first birthday, he ironically was born on the same day that the first episode of the last series of Doctor Who aired and while I was in labour Steve was in his element watching the show….twice! Some weeks later Elliott had a new favorite Episode, forgive me I don’t know the name of it, It was the one where Melody was born, Elliott was so sweet every time he watched it because baby Melody would cry and be taken away and Elliott would come over to his little brother and try to comfort him and tell him it was ok as though he were the baby in the episode! In the past year it has to be said that Elliott has been a VERY good big brother. For this reason I personally do have a certain amount of affection for this episode.